About Paper & Pear

Welcome. I’m so glad you stopped by. This site exists to share ideas and inspiration with anyone who finds joy in the art and toil of making, baking, and building things yourself. In these pages, you’ll find everything from scratch recipes and hand made gifts, to home improvements and furniture restoration. I hope you’ll find they bring you as much joy and satisfaction as they’ve brought me.

Meet Kim

Hi, I’m Kim. I’m a wife, dog-mom, designer, and aspiring homesteader. I love good food, power tools, and long dinners with friends. I especially love if those dinners include copious amounts of dessert. You’re just as likely to find me fashioning an intricate table setting as you are to find me covered in sawdust building the table. I’ve been called a renaissance woman, a bit old-fashioned, and a computer geek. It’s all true.

If I’m not working, cooking, or crafting, I’m probably outdoors at our suburban-country home sipping a drink on the porch, puttering in the garden, or walking the dogs in the woods. I take great pleasure in the beauty of slow living and the rediscovery of lost arts. I live in Minnesota with my husband, Josh, and our two adorable labradors, Jack and Luna.