This spring I put in 18 tomato plants. For a girl who doesn’t like tomatoes, that’s a lot. My plan was to can them and enjoy home-grown goodness all winter long. I love tomatoes in salsa, soup, chili, and a host of other cooked dishes. I also love designing labels. This week, enough tomatoes finally ripened to make my first batch of sauce. I decided this was a great time to make some new sauce labels and share them with like-minded canning enthusiasts. I used a recipe from Canning for a New Generation, a book which I definitely recommend. I left the ingredients off the label, so these will work with your recipe of choice. Labels add a nice touch for sharing and gift giving, but I also enjoy them for a generally prettier pantry.


What You’ll Need

  • A Printer – Inkjet or laser will do, but I find for any kind of food labels, laser printers are preferable because the toner doesn’t run when exposed to moisture. I recently invested in this beauty and wish I would have bought it sooner.
  • Label Paper – I used these Avery 1/2 Sheet Kraft Paper Labels which I had on hand. The download is formatted to work around the center division. Next time will try these which are full page. You can also use white. I have these full-page white labels and have been very happy with them, plus you can’t be the price.
  • Paper Cutter or Scissors
  • Tomato Sauce!


  1. Download the labels (PDF).
  2. Print on label paper.
  3. Cut them out using the cut marks on the sides. It works best if you start with the horizontal cuts and then make the vertical cuts.
  4. Mark the labels with your jar size and date of canning.
  5. Apply labels to jars.
  6. Admire your handiwork, give them as gifts, and share on Instagram. (Don’t forget to tag me, I’d love to see these in action.)

Label Requests

I’ve gotten a lot of kind comments on the labels I add to my kitchen and pantry items. I’ll be sharing more label downloads in the coming months. If you have a request, leave me a comment below.

Tomato Sauce Labels - Pin

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